Dual Xeon E5 servers

Our servers come packed with 2 Xeon E5 CPU's at 3Ghz+. This allows our servers to handle twice the workload that most competitors can. Even at peak times, we can ensure your service runs smoothly.

UltraFast SSD's

Our SSD's are setup in a RAID 1 configuration, allowing read speeds of almost double what some other hosts using SSD's can offer. This also protects against disk failure, reducing downtime.

Owned hardware

We own all our own hardware, therefore we can provide more performance for your dollar than most competitors can.

DDoS protection

We use 100Gbps + premium DDoS protection. This allows up to mitigate just about every attack that comes our way, stopping others from interrupting your service.

Gigabit connections

All our servers come equipped with a 1Gbps uplink, so we can ensure that our servers can handle connections, even at peak times.


We ensure that our nodes come with a decent amount of redundancy along with skilled staff to manage them.

Factions Setup

Coming soon

Test IP: Coming soon

Prison Setup

Prison server with ranks A-Z, Prestige 1 – 10 and all the usual, Owner, Admin etc. Comes with 42 different ready setup mines, 5 different creates and 17 kits. There is also a PvP area, a shop with over 100 different items a player can buy, custom tablist and scoreboard. You can customise the server to however you like.

Test IP: Coming soon

Unlimited Slots

Unlimited Slots

Set your own number of slots



Free SQL database with any MC plan

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP's for $2.5 a month

Over 60 Jar's

Support for over 60 versions of MC


*** Popular modpacks available via an easy installer

Storage allowance

4GB SSD Storage for every 1GB RAM (Unlimited HDD available)

Easy to use console

Our console is both simple and easy to use. It includes all the standard features you might expect along with a kill button to immediately stop your server in the event of a plugin causing your server to freeze. There are also two charts making it easy to see how much RAM and CPU your server is using without any additional commands or tools.

Modern file manager

We have chosen to be different to most other hosts therefore we aren’t using the standard outdated file manager Multicraft based hosts are using. Our file manager still has all the same features but also supports more modern technology. Like drag and drop uploads, large upload sides (50 x the standard), coloured syntax highlighted file editing and much more. (You may also access your server via SHH FTP).

Custom built backup manager

Most conventional host do the standard nightly backups, that the client has no control over, and whenever they need to restore from backup, need to go through the timely process of opening a support ticket, and waiting for a technician to manually restore their server. Our backup manager has been custom built to allow clients to easily create, keep and restore from backups at any time via out control panel, giving you complete control over what gets kept and what doesn’t.

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